NEW – Filo Fax for your Sojournal!

Now you can purchase your filo fax and receive the Sojournal content annually. Keeping your diary neat and organised all year, every year.

Choose from one of the 3 options below and click on the image to purchase.

The 2015 Sojournal content punched and ready for your Filo Fax can be purchased ‘here’ separately at only R230 (ordinary price R295). So if you already have a filo fax, then you can just order the content to fit.

If you would like the Corporate diary page-a-day option then that can be purchased ‘here’ for only R95

A5 Trifold Organiser, black – R520

4718  FILO FAX

A5 Organiser – Faux leather black with a zip – R520


A5 Boardroom Faux leather – R550