The 2015 Sojournal, International diary and personal guide,
is the 8th edition of it’s kind!

Earth sample day 2014Half awakened
The 2015 Sojournal consists of…

 Numerology for 2014
- Moon Zodiac by Stella Seaspirit
- Moon and Zodiac Gardening
- Tissue Salts Zodiac by Alison Efting
- Void of Course moon – Kevin McKee
- Chinese Signs
- Native American totems
- Mayan Oracles
- Western Astrology

Inter Faith Holidays
- Buddhist festivals
- Pagan / Wicca festivals
- Muslim
- Hindu
- Christian
- Jewish

- Western Astrology Ephemeris
- Moon times and cycles
- Tissue salts
- Global Gardening
- Inspiring Quotes

- Sunday Meditations
- Health recipes

- Angel teaching by Margi McAlpine
- Western Astrology reading
- Monthly planner and budgeting page
- Seeds to plant according to the season (North and South)
- Inspiring Paintings

Ensure your copy hot off the press!


1 x 2015 Sojournal = R295
5 copies = R245 each
10 = R185 each
20 = R155 each
30 = R145 each

We do accept Paypal and Credit card payments, by request. Orders via this website will produce an invoice, giving you freedom of payment options. Contact us for wholesale orders.

Personalise your Sojournal with your name on the cover. You can choose your font and position. This makes the most touching gifts!

1 x 2015 Personalised Sojournal = R350
5 copies = R300 each
10 = R240 each
20 = R210 each
30 = R200 each


Personalised Sojournals are totally worth R350!

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This 2014 cover photo of the Outeniqua mountain range near George in the Graden Route was taken by Adrian Skelton.
See his amazing images on his site:

2014 Sojournal cover final

View this amazing review by “Marigolds Loft”

The 2014 images, by Kim Dreyer, find more of her amazing art at …

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Treat yourself to Kim Dreyers Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck for only R240


ORACLE DECK image 1 for website

2013 Sojournal images by Tracy Connell. You can purchase Tracy’s book with all her paintings here on the website, it’s called ‘The Journey’ and includes poetry. A stunning coffee table book of inspiration.


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