Journey travelled

Journey so far…

The Roots of what is now ‘Sojourney’, began in 2001 with the first Astro Mayan calendar.

A girl of 18 sets off on her life journey, leaving security and fear behind. With just enough to carry, no destiny in mind, only the open road of all possibilities ahead. Following the calling of her heart every day, meeting mutually adventurous characters every step of the way. Learning, trusting, absorbing and discovering the dense energy that surrounds us, feeling a stong connection to something beyond understanding. Letting go of her entire youth, to start her life afresh, she found herself in a peaceful silence, completely and purely, in the moment. Keen to discover this new reality, she asked “Where are the teachers and guides” then, she met them. They shared the wisdom of the Mayan Calendar and the attunements of the healing energy we call ‘Reiki’. The daily Oracles of the calendar were aborbed in the most natural way, as she traveled close to the earth with the cycles of nature and simplicity. Following the movements of the planets, with basic creative knowledge of Astrology, she experienced the transits as her own story.

People would ask her “please read my chart” and she would reply, “It’s your path, your story, you want to discover it then learn for yourself”. She did not want to be responsible for other peoples choices and path, each one for themselves. To empower ourselves, we need to decide how we choose to experience reality.

Enthusiastically, she created a tool to offer anyone keen to accept the challenge of understanding their own path with their choice of modality.

The Astro Mayan Calendar came into being, with the daily moon position, Mayan Oracle and tone and general transits. This was accompanied with 2 intensive guide books explaining the symbols. Created all by pen and paper with celtic designs of each Zodiac symbol. The months began when the Sun moved into a new Zodiac sign.

You can follow the growth of the Astro Mayan Calendar here.

In 2007 the idea had grown large enough for each day to fit a page, birthing the Sojournal. ‘Your Soul journey’ “To Sojourn - travel alone’, ‘Accept responsibility’, take the reigns of our direction in our own hands to find and maintain our true path and purpose.

View the illustrated growth of the Sojournal since 2008 here.

In 2009 the Astro Mayan Calendar became obsolite and the moon Planting Calendar came to life.

View the Planting calendar’s progression to what is has become, along with the inspiring images, here.