White Stinkwood – African Tree Essence


Celtis africana | Family: ULMACEAE

Tree of Light

The white stinkwood tree has a very high vibration.  This is an essence that may assist with aligning with your higher self,  and for connecting with your soul purpose and inner knowing. The white stinkwood essence may offer auric protection and may be useful for those wanting to develop their channeling abilities. White stinkwood is an essence to use for when you are working with manifesting intentions into reality. White stinkwood may assist with smoothly negotiating life changes and rites of passage.

This essence enlightens the crown chakrum.

Use of White Stinkwood in Energetic Space Clearing:  like a light breeze it keeps the energy flowing; introduces more air  (oxygen and movement) into a space; use it in situations where a ‘fresh  breathe’ is needed. Use it also to connect the occupants with the space  and to allow them to feel more at home.