About the Journey

Sojourney Origins

Sojourney Publications was established in 2007, after 7 years of Julisa self publishing the Astro Mayan calendar. The first publication was in 2001. This calendar evolved into the Sojournal in 2008 and has grown in popularity since.

Our goal here is to share valuable information with you, to allow you to tune in to your natural cycles and be aware of the greater movements and the variety of cultures around you. Please look around this site and contact us to share your views.

The Planting Calendar is according to the South African moon time, and the Sojournal is GMT. We certainly can create these products for your own country’s moon time if you would like to place a large order, this is in fact our goal.

Learn more about the creator, Julisa Petersen, by checking out her personal website, www.julisa.co.za and reading the latest article.