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~ Tissue salts ~
- Alison Effting

Supplementing with tissue salts is one of the simplest and most effective ways of optimising your health today. Originally formulated in the 1870’s by Dr Wilhelm Schuessler of Oldenburg, Germany, they have been misunderstood and underestimated by many due to the evolution of “magic bullet” pharmaceutical drugs in the 20th century. Undoubtedly these medications have value when used appropriately, but the focus shifted to suppression of symptoms, or fooling the natural intelligence of the body, without addressing and correcting the cause. The science of modern medicine has left the art behind.
Our fast-paced technological world has also abandoned the art of farming. In bygone times, Earth was respected as the great goddess. Farmers waited for the signs in the sky to plant, nourish nurture and harvest, and under natural sunlight with roots in the soil, the crops assimilated life-essential minerals and readied themselves for harvest. People ate seasonal fruit and vegetables. Fields were rested and composted until the next season began.
We seem to have lost patience – want everything measured by optimal productivity in terms of investing the shortest possible time to reap our profits sooner, raping the Earth to produce more than she should in her natural cycles. This has led not only to the artificial growing and fertilization methods used by the food industry, but also to a mind set amongst consumers of eating produce that is out of season or growing region in order to satiate our expectation of having whatever we want immediately.
We are losing touch with the natural cycles of life, and in this separation from nature outside of ourselves, we also lose touch with our inner nature. Thanks to electricity and technology, we can work or socialize all night long; we can communicate instantly with virtually anyone, anywhere. Whilst this has freed us from observing sunrise and sunset, and other boundaries of time and space, it comes with added stress, pollution and electromagnetic smog – all of which take their toll on our physiology. As these stressors accumulate with time it leads to consequences of ageing, minor symptoms of discomfort, or eventually illness.
Biochemic tissue salts provide the mineral energies the body utilizes to maintain metabolic equilibrium. In a true biochemic form, the cells are able to take the minerals they need from the bloodstream, and there is no danger of over-dosage. They are safe and gentle supplements that replenish the deficit that is caused by living the lifestyle of today.
I was inspired to create the AllisOne ColourAstro Biochemic Tissue Salts due to my interest in reconnecting with nature. Many years ago, some of my tissue salt clients asked me what their constitutional salt was, leading to a study of Astrology. I have studied and learnt that the natal chart reflects the constitution of an individual, provided the correct time of birth is known, and predispositions to stress or illness can be found in such a chart. We need to remember that any natal chart contains all twelve of the signs. The natal Sun indicates the constitutional vitality, so its corresponding tissue salt is important. But that doesn’t negate all the other signs –which also form part of our being.
The Sun travels through the zodiac in the period of a solar year, changing sign approximately every 30 days. The Moon makes this same journey in the period of approximately one month. Using your personal Sun sign constitutional salt every day, together with the salt of the dynamic monthly changing Sun sign, and the salt corresponding to faster changing Moon sign for a day or two is a wonderful way to align your physical being with the cycles of light and nature and maintain health. If there is an additional need for any of the others in-between to balance an acute need, these can be safely added.
You may notice a different colour correspondence between the tissue salts of the day and those listed in the journal. This is because of the relationship between Aura-Soma colour and the zodiac signs, which is the basis of the tissue salt allocations. It is an added underlying dimension – the solar and lunar colour movement through the spectrum punctuated by the weekly planetary allocations for the day listed in the journal.

As indicated on the daily pages, each tissue salt is represented by a colour, which covers the are of the body and energy points that the salt stimulates. It can enhance the effect to have this colour around you on the day indicated.

Tissue salt


Zodiac sign




#1 Calc Fluor



#2 Calc Phos


Royal blue

#3 Calc Sulph



#4 Ferrum Phos



#5 Kali Mur


Orange & pale orange

#6 Kali Phos


Red & pink

#7 Kali Sulph


Olive green

#8 Mag Phos



#9 Nat Mur



#10 Nat Phos



#11 Nat Sulph


Coral & pale coral

#12 Silicea




Synergy Combinations

AllisOne has a new range of Synergy Combinations, consisting of…


- De-stress – Composure and Stability  (6, 5, 8, 10, 12, 2, 9)


- Body Guardian – First Aid and Anti-Allergy  (3, 12, 9, 4, 5)

Beauty – Regenerate – De-crease and Uplift  (5, 1, 7, 10, 12, 9)

Osteo – Skeletonic – Resilience and Growth  (1, 8, 12, 2)

Arthro – Joint Venture – Mobility and Endurance  (1, 7, 10, 12, 4)

Pure – Elimination – Counteract and Flush  (7, 10, 3, 12, 11)

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© Alison Effting 2009

Dip.Diag.Rad(SA) Dip.Bio.Med(D) T.ASIACT(UK) Dip.Astrology(RSSA)

Practitioner of Biochemic Tissue Salts, Aura-Soma® Colour and Astrology.

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