Tissue Salts – Alison Effting

Tissue Salts and the Zodiac
(2009 – 2014 Sojournals)

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Biochemic tissue salts provide the mineral energies the body utilises to maintain metabolic equilibrium. In a true biochemic form, the cells are able to take the minerals they need from the bloodstream, and there is no danger of over-dosage. They are safe and gentle supplements that replenish the deficit that is caused by living the lifestyle of today.
I was inspired to create the AllisOne Colour Astro Biochemic Tissue Salts due to my interest in reconnecting with nature. Many years ago, some of my tissue salt clients asked me what their constitutional salt was, leading to a study of Astrology. I have studied and learnt that the natal chart reflects the constitution of an individual, provided the correct time of birth is known, and predispositions to stress or illness can be found in such a chart. We need to remember that any natal chart contains all twelve of the signs. The natal Sun indicates the constitutional vitality, so its corresponding tissue salt is important. But that doesn’t negate all the other signs –which also form part of our being.
The Sun travels through the zodiac in the period of a solar year, changing sign approximately every 30 days. The Moon makes this same journey in the period of approximately one month. Using your personal Sun sign constitutional salt every day, together with the salt of the dynamic monthly changing Sun sign, and the salt corresponding to faster changing Moon sign for a day or two is a wonderful way to align your physical being with the cycles of light and nature and maintain health. If there is an additional need for any of the others in-between to balance an acute need, these can be safely added.
You may notice a different colour correspondence between the tissue salts of the day and those listed in the journal. This is because of the relationship between Aura-Soma colour and the zodiac signs, which is the basis of the tissue salt allocations. It is an added underlying dimension – the solar and lunar colour movement through the spectrum punctuated by the weekly planetary allocations for the day listed in the journal.

Tissue Salts for Your Sign

AllisOne Tissue salts are minerals in an energy form that are vital to our constitution, and dynamically recondition the cells and tissues of the body. Chewed or dissolved in the mouth they are immediately bio-available to the cells and tissues of the body with no known side-effects or risk of over-dosage. Listed here in their natural zodiac cycle that you can follow in the monthly and daily sequences in the journal, they synchronize in the most supportive manner to support your wellbeing.
Aries – Kali Phos No 6: Aries rules the head, and its salt is the biochemic brain and sensory nerve nutrient. It is a systemic energizer and helps to imbue a natural tranquillity in times of stress and fatigue. Kali Phos is a very useful salt for students, helping memory and concentration, and for their stressed-out parents it helps to calm and prevent the occurrence of “Senior Moments”.  It is also a heart tonic and the biochemic antiseptic, playing an important role in the intercellular fluids.
Taurus – Nat Sulph No 11: Taurus rules the neck, throat and glandular system and its salt – the liver and lymphatic conditioner – supports the cleansing and detoxification of the body. It has a natural diuretic action, helping to eliminate excess fluid and toxins from the body. Nat Sulph is also helpful to those that have a tendency to put on weight as it encourages the metabolism to shift into a more efficient gear. Important however to recognize that weight loss requires a sensible and balanced eating plan too!
Gemini – Kali Mur No 5: Gemini rules the lungs and limbs and its salt is the primary respiratory conditioner and biochemic decongestant. Kali Mur is the specific for the second stage of inflammation, after the fever, where its deficiency signal is the body’s production of white mucus or discharge. It is also a blood conditioner, and a specific to help children overcome the old-fashioned childhood diseases, although these days many are vaccinated against these.
Cancer – Calc Fluor No 1: Cancer rules the breast and stomach, and its salt is the elasticator of tissues. Maintaining flexibility and preventing premature sagging, Calc Fluor is sure to help in the prevention and healing of stretch marks, strengthening muscle and connective tissue, teeth and the walls of blood vessels.
Leo – Mag Phos No 8: Leo rules the heart and its salt is a wonderful cardiac tonic. It is a muscle and motor nerve nutrient, helping to empower the muscles, or to relax them when a deficiency leads to the holding of tension. It is the biochemic antispasmodic, helpful for all types of cramp or spasm, whether induced by physical exertion or when physiological changes such as menstrual cycles bring them about. It is very helpful dissolved in warm water for cramps in the stomach, or crushed and rubbed onto the gums of infants for colic.
Virgo – Kali Sulph No 7: Virgo rules the alimentary canal. Its salt is a cell oxygenator, supporting the action of Ferrum Phos. Kali Sulph is the primary skin care salt, great for sensitive skins, eczema or flaky scalp conditions, and is also indicated in the third stage of infection when there is production of yellow-green mucus or discharges. Supplementing Kali Sulph in any ongoing illness or condition helps to bring about speedier resolution.
Libra – Nat Phos No 10: Libra rules the kidneys and urinary tract. Its salt Nat Phos is the primary acid neutralizer, and supports the kidneys in dealing with the elimination of uric acid. Stiff muscles or joints, arthritic or rheumatic conditions, digestive over-acidity and oily skins all indicate a need for this wonderful pH balancer.
Scorpio – Calc Sulph No 3: Scorpio rules the procreative and eliminatory organs. Its salt strengthens all cell membranes and is important for the healthy development of sperm and ova. It is a systemic cleanser, helping the body to eliminate toxic decomposing organic material. It treats suppuration and is helpful for pimples, acne and wounds that are slow to heal.
Sagittarius – Silicea No 12: Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs and its salt is considered the biochemic surgeon. Silicea strengthens and cleanses connective tissues, and will help to eliminate foreign material from the body. It is a wonderful rejuvenator, easing the signs of premature ageing and also important for stress management. Please note that Silicea in a biochemic D6 form will assist the body in removing something foreign that the body is naturally trying to reject or eliminate, such as splinters or unhealthy implants, and should be avoided by people who are on medication to prevent rejection of transplanted organs.
Capricorn – Calc Phos No 2: Capricorn rules the knees and skeletal system. Calc Phos is the basic tonic of the salts and the one found most abundantly in the body. It strengthens bones and teeth, is vital for cell nutrition and repair, necessary for all cell division, and forms a vital constituent of the blood. It has a calming effect and is imperative for growing children – certainly called for to ease growing pains and with Kali Phos addresses attention deficit disorders. As bones tend to weaken with age, it is also a wonderful tonic for the elderly.
Aquarius – Nat Mur No 9: Aquarius rules the calves and ankles and its salt regulates the balance of water in the body, allowing cells to absorb their water requirements and eliminate any excess. In conjunction with Nat Sulph it addresses swelling, eyelid puffiness and oedema, and should be used on long flights by people who find their ankles and feet tend to swell. It helps to restore vitality and shift heavy emotions and is particularly indicated in times of grief, emotional tearfulness, seasonal allergies, runny noses, colds and dry or wet eczemas.
Pisces – Ferrum Phos No 4: Pisces rules the feet and its salt supports the integration of our primary necessity – oxygen. Ferrum Phos is the biochemic anti-inflammatory and first-aid rescue, and is found predominantly in the muscles and red blood cells. Important just in a relaxed state, it becomes increasingly so for those who exercise aerobically – runners, cyclists, active children. Any time the face turns red and heats up, whether through the onset of inflammation or healthy active exercise, this salt is called for. It supports our energy with Kali Phos and provides strength and tone to the muscle tissues. It will also assist in reducing or stopping haemorrhage, whether caused by a wound or heavy menstruation.

As indicated on the daily pages, each tissue salt is represented by a colour, which covers the area of the body and energy points that the salt stimulates. It can enhance the effect to have this colour around you on the day indicated.